Nonsense verses poetry

Among writers in English noted for nonsense verse are Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash, Mervyn Peake, Colin West, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss and Spike Milligan. The Martian Poets and Ivor Cutler are considered by some to be in the nonsense tradition.

Enter me...proud to follow the path drawn out by such great great men. The title as some may have already noticed, tries rather pathetically to make an insipid wordplay pun out of the words 'verses' and 'versus'. That's how lame I can get sometimes.

Let me start with a slightly Dadaist poem which I think is the most unusual (even by my surprisingly high standards of unusualness) of the lot of 4. I wrote it in a deluded state when I was reminded of the 'nutritional information' on the containers of many processed foodstuffs, because that did really inspire the creation of this truly fascinating piece of literature:

Contains added flavours

Man - poisoned with excess zinc thiosulphate,
swollen, fell into a vat of
boiling, syrupy, red tomato ketchup.
The bottle with its natural added flavors
had on its packaging-
zinc - trace amounts.

The next poem 'Toothpick' points out (I'm serious now - no jokes, honest) the rebellious side of human character, non-conformity and shattering of stereotypes.
A polished son of a wealthy socialite swaggers into a formal dinner attired in 'perfectly shocking' denims and holding a toothpick in his teeth - this image from my mind's eye will help put this poem into the right context.


With a toothpick held in my mouth,
I flash a smile with it sticking out.
With a piece of wood lodged between my teeth,
I chew on it like its a piece of meat.
With a slender splinter under my tongue,
I whistle a tune which I had once sung.
With a thin little stick with my lips around,
I shock everybody in the elite snob crowd.

Well the next is poem titled 'Le poem'.I don't know if there are any grammatical errors as far as the usage of French is concerned or whether to expect a death threat from a lingual purist. It is what I call, a unique blend of French, English and temporary insanity.

Le poem

My order,
tu accorde.
Mais le pain
sits in vain.

Classy, innit ? French - the languge of love, trodden on pretty ruthlessly by the stampede of my creative inflow.

The last one now, 'The thought...' wants to send a message that even though everyone desires success and prominence in the society, very few people are willing to work for it. That is all I wish to say on this subject... :D

The thought at quarter past midnight

On the diwan with pen in hand,
I think of something so amazing to write,
that will propel me into the pages of history
- to attain money, power and fame.
But alas! I need my sleep, I bid my thoughts goodnight.

Now I wish to ask for a favour - would the readers be kind enough so as to rate my poems (so-called, but their still mine). Though I don't personally believe in rating creativity and view it as crude form of judgement, I believe I deserve a little chin-upping (or downing - which depends on your ratings).
Rate them on a scale of ten with each of these as seperate criteria - Humour, level of insanity and publication worthiness.
For instance a rating of 1,9,0 would mean I'm an incredibly unfunny, insane person whose poems would do rather nicely on my asylum's notice board.

Really looking forward (!) to your comments.


vikram ved said...

Your poems are like a breath of fresh air, perfect to break the monotomy of the days spent in concrete jungles.
I'm a newbie to blogging but a veteran where poetry is concerned. I've started an organization for young poets for poets all over India, and we need young poets like you to join us.

Your poems (so-called but their still yours!) are full of life, creativity, blended with the rebellious side of youth.

I'm sending the details to your email id

And one more thing - wow.

rahul said...

the variety leaves me speechless !!!

1st - 5,10,7
2nd - 7,6,10
3rd - 10,10,8
4th - 5,8,11


Quicksilver said...

wow - i don't know what to say.
I'm glad you like my poems so much.

rishika said...

You're a little too verbose with your blogs - try to keep it simple for people like me. Yes - I'll go with rahul's rating ! :P

Quicksilver said...

That's not fair you know going with rahul's rating and all.

- and speaking of being 'verbose' you could have kept it simpler by saying 'using a lot of big words'.

But that would have been condescending.


rishika said...

There you are at it again.!!!

nimmi said...

U'r very funny !!!

u rite well

Shitij said...

I'm confused about the rating system, haha.

But all of them are good, to be quite honest.
I like the toothpick one *nods*