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This I think would be my last post before the mid-term examinations commence on the 25th. They get over (I think) by the 3rd so I'll be posting a few days after, like 4th or 5th.

My subject revisions are going satisfactorily well, except Physics that is. Physics is something that I was never very good at and now it seems harder than ever. Biology is manageable as long as I have enough time, Chemistry is challenging at times but interesting. Psychology and English are going rather smoothly.

I was rather proud of myself the other day - I managed to write two poems under 6 hours (I've done seven in a day once but that was months ago). Going by bus to school is a 40 minutes journey - so fending off sleep at 6:30, I managed to write something that I've never tried before - a limerick. I tried to make it as limericky as possible with the insertion of nonsense words. Lear, I hope to make you proud :

The Gent

There was an old man from Dwarka
Who walked his dog to the park-a
The dog ran around,
dragging its owner on the ground
while he cried 'wait' between resounding bark-as.

I hope you guys will forgive me for that.
And for the one I'm gonna post after this. This next one I wrote on the way back home in a seemingly empty bus (most kids were absent due to the upcoming exams). I only had Ankur keeping me company, and he was sleeping in the back-seat after laughing at my limerick (at it, not because of it). I wrote it keeping in mind my perpetual, almost psychotic fear of messing up exams. That and something a friend had told me once. Here it is in all its un-altered glory (truthfully, I was feeling rather lazy to make it better):

Examination Hall, New Delhi

The paper lay before me
Like a cold and devilish smile
Sneering at my thoughts
Leering all the while.

'It's right', it seemed to mock
'That answer that you were thinking.
Its seemly and absolutely correct'
Then I think I caught it blinking.

The liar ! It wants to mislead me !
I told myself off for falling for it
I looked at the paper in mad rage
Grabbing it, I almost tore it

The act caught the invigilator's eye
He advanced and riveted his glare on me
Pronto, I pretended to be immersed in a question
and covered the quelled paper so he wouldn't see

The evil imp passed wordlessly
I, relieved, tried to start again
My mind went blank as I attempted to recall
And it started to hurt near my jugular vein

I took out my hankie and wiped away dry tears
All the months of studying for the entrance exam
Were going to waste minute by minute
I needed to do something, I thought in alarm.

Then I noticed something I hadn't seen before
I don't really recall the reason why
Next to me sat another test-taker
Cheating was the only option, my mind implied

With my clean-as-slate yet unclean mind
And cheating as my last resort
I managed to catch a few runaway words
From the studious girl's cohort

I caught a sly answer
And hurried to copy it down
But the words which hit the paper
Were 'CANCELLED' in blood red-brown.

It was the demon invigilator
And as he recapped his steely pen,
'Cancelled' he declared
'You've failed and can't take the test again.'

A hundred different emotions
Swirled inside my being
I looked down at my paper
I felt strange at the words I was seeing

I didn't and couldn't speak up
I couldn't move - I continued to sit
I had to be heaved up
Before being told to exit.

It's a pretty annoying cliché
But a very useful one
It was then I woke up with a start
It was a dream - still undone

I looked at the calender and groaned
Waking up was the worst thing to do
I was horrified, I choked.
I was about to relive the horror at half past two.

That's it from my side from now. Don't you blame me if you get nervous halfway through your exam after remembering this. But what you can do is comment on this post.
That way I'll have something to look forward to after my exams !


Espèra said...

You need to LEARN cheating.

Me and this guy? We exchanged question papers. With answers on them. French, that was. And he sat about 4 seats behind me.

Quicksilver said...

I don't always like to live dangerously.... :P

Anonymous said...

You like escher?

Espèra said...

It's not living dangerously. It's helping the not-so-gifted.
And I got a kick out of it, yes.

But I've reformed. I'm a *good* girl now. Ever since the Boards. Damn them.

Espèra said...

Anonymous: BTW, everybody likes Escher. You do mean the optical illusionist, don't you?

Quicksilver said...

Yes, I do like Escher as is illustrated by my choice of profile image. You ?

Anonymous said...

I positively love him; I've spent hours with his epic artwork. So, I guess you could call me a fan.

Your profile image is exactly the reason why I raised it in the first place. You're full of little eccentricities, aren't you my boy?

Espera: I think everybody may be overkill over here.

Quicksilver said...

Eccentric ? As a matter of fact, I am. And I'm very good at it too.

What I like about Escher are his self potrait lithographs and his sky and water woodcuts. Among his lithographs, I like Castrovalva, Hand with reflecting sphere and Print Gallery best. Of the woodcuts, Depth pleases me most.

That's enough about me let's hear about you.

Espèra said...

Anonymous: Well. Not really. A lot of people like his work without knowing that HE is who made them. I mean, I didn't know Quicksilver's display picture was his. But I did know who he was.

Anirudh Garg said...

oh yaaaa now i remember

its escher

i kept wodnering who it was

ms escher
the father of tesselate figures...hmmmm

Quicksilver said...

tesselations ! -now i remember about that IHC thing now. how did that go by the way ?

Espèra said...

There you go.

What about me?
Are we in the same school?
(I thought so. But your datesheet seems unfamiliar.)

Anonymous said...

Me? I am your run of the mill anonymous commenter, you get one free with the blog by the way. You see my job is to create that tingling excitement you get when you check your mail/blog for new comments from yours truly.

I basically have some free time at my disposal and I think that this is somewhat fun. So, there you go. You're stuck with me.

Personally, I prefer the work he did which revolved around the concept of infinity. Yes, I basically like most of his work. You see I like to look at his paintings and trace the strange loops contained in it within my head. I like to imagine myself with the painting and sometimes I just like to stare at them until my heart calms down. This shouldn't be something very surprising as I am, after all, the spiritual descendant of Godel, Escher, Bach and Turing.

Quicksilver said...

Spiritual descendant of Godel, Escher, Bach and Turing ?
Very humble too, I must say.

Of all the run-of-the-mill anonymous commenters who could have delivered me with that regular dose of tingling excitement, I'm glad I've got someone a little crazy.


Anonymous said...

A little crazy? A little crazy? Little, I am afraid doesn't cut it.

By that I meant that I basically love their ideas and what they did. Whatever path I take in life, I do so while keeping them, or rather their ideas in mind. This might be demystified if I told you exactly what I plan to do, but I won't do so. As, it kinda ruins the anonymous part of the anonymous commenter tag.

Oh and always remember that things are often not what they appear to be.

Quicksilver said...