WELL, Well, well. We meet at last. It feels like ages since I've posted (save for my last teeny little post), and now since my exams are (finally) over, I think I'll make posting more of a habit.

Well, with the week long limber down period granted rather generously by the school, I think I've managed to utilize it in the most improvident manner possible. Sleeping till about 1 o'clock in the afternoon , eating fried stuff for every meal, not walking the dog and sitting in front of the comp. the whole day playing internet contests.
Which is not to say I've not done productive stuff - I've seen some rather awesome short films on youtube. I made a rather neat little list of the many films I saw and ranked them as follows :

1. The Insane
2. Hello stranger
3. Black button
4. Meeting girls
5. Spin
6. Offside
7. Fact checkers unit
8. Knock knock
9. Our Time Is Up
10. Rent-A-Person

Also, on the day the tests got over I shot into a reading jag, cosseting myself by reading three of Wodehouse's finest - Right ho, Jeeves, Piccadilly Jim and Something Fresh under 24 hours. I would have read more, but as Safary put it in TZP, "the words had started dancing" in front of my eyes - and did not exactly relish the idea of having to wear glasses.

One rather novel thing I tried out day before yesterday was learning how to bake. It started as I was sitting on the couch watching 'the foodie' on TV. The fat-guy-whose-name-I-don't-remember-and-am-too-lazy-to-find-out started saying baking cookies was the easiest thing to do, if you had enough time on your hands. I had plenty, so I jotted down the recipe and instructions which seemed simple enough at first.

I got all the required ingredients and set of to make it. With the dough having reached the desired consistency, I set to preheat the oven and butter the baking tray. I laid out little dumplings of chocolate-chip cookie dough on the tray, put it in and waited...
In a word, the first batch was a damned debacle. The cookies got burnt to the core, I burnt my right hand at two places and my left at three, and when I offered the baked goods to my grandmother, she told me plainly that they were the worst things she'd ever had the misfortune of consuming. Sinister words, I must admit but I wasn't discouraged because A) I was just getting started, and B) there was still three-fourths of the dough left in the container.

The period of time between the first two batches led me to discover a pair of baking gloves, ensuring no more burnt fingers.
The second batch was, I must say, rather awesome. It was edible, almost unburnt and smelt lovely. My gran took back her words and ate two or three, inspite of her having diabetes. The rest of the family followed in eating the cookies and showering adulations on the baker.

Well, there ends the account of my cookie baking venture. I think I'll conclude with something that I like and goes rather well with the exam fever (not the sort of fever that's a contagious excitement, like disco fever; but the sort of fever which makes you sick and wanna barf). Well anyway, here are some funny pictures collected from all over the net. Enjoy

G'day to you now


Espèra said...

Ah. The disastrous cookie baking experience. Everyone has them, don't worry. During mine, the cookies actually caught fire.

Asneel said...

Well, well. Nice short film list you got there, managed to watch the first three when I got time off between files. me and workmates sat to watch 'the insane' at lunch and Rebecca almost gagged on her food in fright. Have to say, all three rocked...I'll watch the rest later when this mountain of files is overcome.

Asneel said...

what's up with entury ?

Asneel said...

Baking cookies, rather girly, what ?

Quicksilver said...

- Caught fire ?! makes my experience seem almost tame. anyway - it made me think, always better to buy cookies instead, from those who make it best, like granma's homemade or nirula's. saves so much hassle.

assNeel -
Baking isn't girly, its rather manly actually...smiling through the scathing burns, bearing the critisisms bravely and whatnot.

Entury is just a wordplay I'm using, try and solve it for yerself.

Asneel said...

Er, yes, baking, suppose it is then...

How do you buy from your granma ??

Entury - 'you are in the way' ?? (ENT--you--RY)

Espèra said...

Best to buy them? Of course. I just wanted to impress my Mom.

Asneel: Dude, cooking's "girly"? How can an action be girly? And stererotypes are so outdated.

Asneel said...

Don't get me wrong, i didn't like mean it that way...i just wrote that to annoy him.

Quicksilver said...

dude, I don't buy from my grandmother ! i was referring to 'granma's homemade' bakery at Eatopia.

entury is supposed to mean long time no see (century)

Espèra said...

Oh. Wow. Didn't think of ... that. In fact, I didn't think at all.
Long time, no see.
Welcome back, mate (though it's a little late for that)!