In the eye of the storm

The worst kind of time of year is here again... The awkward period of strangely calm unrest between giving exams and getting them back. The air is thick with almost tangible levels of anxiety, bitterness and dread.
Let it end already, I'm going mad jus thinking about it...Come Monday, I'll know my result.


Anonymous said...

My exams are going to start in oh about an hour. You see the thing is that all of those people who say for whatever reason that exams don't matter are on to something.

Ask yourself, by what standard do you judge yourself? By a standard set in anonymity by others, rigidly enforcing knowledge in the most grotesque way possible? Or something, unique of your own creation?

This choice is yours alone to make. Whatever you do just don't be afraid.

Quicksilver said...

o , so you're a student... when you say anonymous, you're that that escher guy right ? By the way you're philosophy is something that I agree with save for the part that testing doesn't matter. call me cynical but without norms set by official authorities, the world would cease to function properly.

Espèra said...

I could tell you a lot more about this friendly neighbourhood anonymous commentor. I'm just not too sure it would be appreciated. =S