We were sitting in class the other day. The Chemistry teacher was explaining the working principle of the electrochemical cell to a half asleep class. I looked at my watch - 9:30 which meant there were still about forty minutes left for the class to get over. The previous night had been spent by me in an insomniac state, looking out of the window, not particularly thinking about anything - just admiring the numerous constellations in the Prussian blue sky. I was gonna miss doing this, with winter and smoky Diwali (the festival of lights asthma inducing firecrackers) approaching hand in hand, this passtime was going to die only to revived next year.

Back to the point then, well, last night's lack of shuteye left me very groggy and certainly in no condition to learn about salt bridges (hey! i remembered that). The dullness of it all was reaching a mute overbearing crescendo when I heard the Indian anthem floating up from the school grounds upto the second floor classroom where I sat. The junior school assembly was evidently coming to a close.

Its effect on me was stirring: a song breaking the insufferable monotony; sentiments of pride subduing feelings of stark weariness; like steaming tomato soup in December.

Standing up for the national anthem when you were being taught was a complete no-no for seniors. It lead to disturbances, was the popular consensus among teachers. For an ENTIRE minute (about 52 seconds). imagine that. No, it just wouldn't do.
In ninth, I heard of a teacher who punished an entire class due to this abominable crime (which I'm sure took considerably more time than 52 seconds).

I looked around. The class was pretty much the same, really. No one else looked as awake as I was (not even the teacher for that matter). Nobody was standing up, as gesture of respect. Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka, Jaya He Bharata Bhagya Vidhata
(thou art the ruler of the minds of all people; Thy name rouses the hearts of ...).

Neither was I.

In a clumsy manner, I raised myself up. And stood looking at the board as if it fascinated me. The teacher was looking at me, I could feel her eyes glaring at my out-of-place frame. I tried to block it out. Jaya, jaya, jaya, jaya he! (Victory, victory, victory, victory to thee !)...Culmination. My body gradually became less taut. I looked down at the teacher. She had an incredulous explanation-demanding look on her face. 'Uh - board' I said, pointing at my eyes. It was lame, and I knew as soon as I had said it. I was sitting just 3 benches from the front, there was no need really to stand up, but what made it even more awkward for me was that there was nothing on the board worth looking at. Just a force-distribution-diagram from the previous physics class. I looked weakly at the teacher.

'Sit down' she said finally after what was a pregnant pause. I think I noted a grin on the corners of her pursed lips, but only momentarily.

I sat down feeling numbly awkward and proud at the same time.


Asneel said...


That was very very cool really.


Btw, what kind of a psycho teacher punished her students just cause they stood up for the national anthem ?

Asneel said...

patriots, not patriot - NICE!

Espèra said...

What exactly is the photo about?
Something you made?

sachin said...

hi dear friend,
how r u?
ur blog is very nice...
pls visit my blog for great information..

thank you dear

Happy Diwali in Advance...
enjoy the festival with happiness..

take care..

Quicksilver said...

Asneel -

yes,thnx. Don't feel very good really, my foul mood subdues my gratitude.

Espera -

No, justa photo I came across somewhere. figure salutes when you blow air through the tube. Showing Respect: you have science projects to do that nowadays.

Sachin -

I hate you. In all probability, you haven't even read my blog and have copy -pasted that message to hundreds of blogs today. Never darken my space of the blogsphere again.

Manmeet Singh said...

hey great post.
really liked the expressions you used to describe your awful state in the boring class.
And that Brave attempt of yours to show your respect and gratitude to the national anthem was appreciable and remarkable.

And yeah, I have also heard tales even in my school where the teacher gets crossed by students when they stand in the middle of the class when National Anthem plays,but I guess in that case the students are the real culprits as they are just trying to disturb the class..

Quicksilver said...

thanks, MS.

Anonymous said...

kid, did you actually do that?? or is it just wonderfully made up???