Well, I got 'em. I can't really say I'm pleased with myself about the results. Sure, I surprised myself with the Psychology and Biology results, not exactly expecting the marks I so lavishly received; but Chem turned out to be a big spoiler.Well my marks are as follows (promise me that you won't judge me from now on, on the basis of my scorecard) :

1. Chem (34/70) (average or something)
2. Bio (52.5/70) - 75% , 4th in class
3. Eng (76/90) - 84% , 2nd in class
4. Psy (66/70) - 94% , !st in class
5. Phy - absent. Retest due sometime in November.

When I read what I've written, it's hard not to smile seeing that I've also written down the rank in each subject ('cept chem, I didn't have the heart to find out where I stood). Reminds me of something I heard just as soon as all the papers had been distributed - Someone from another class came to ours and asked one of my friends, 'Yaar, whats you're rank in the class ?'.My friend eyed him dubiously. 'Rank ? Who finds that out nowadays ?? That held good only till about the third grade. In 11th and 12th we just care whether we've passed or failed.', he laughed, 'I passed.'

Well that's all from here, you take care now.


Espèra said...

You passed!
*does a jig*
I may not go even that far. =(

The Escher Guy said...

Don't think twice, it's alright.

Quicksilver said...

espera -

thanks for the jig, raised my spirits a bit. As far as i know you (which is not much, to be honest), I'm pretty sure you'll manage to pass easily atleast in eng and Maths. i've never haerd of anyone who has dreams in trigonometry. :D

the escher guy -

So you like Dylan, eh ? Pretty soulful really.

Asneel said...

woah dude, you passed ! what a queer subject combo - phy, chem, BIO and psycho ? nobody in my day had the guts to take that as an optin. Infact I think there wasn't even such an option

Quicksilver said...

And espera, good luck for the maths test (you wouldn't need it really, but then again). Its on monday right ?

Espèra said...

Hey Quickie (mind if I call you that? Just to irritate you?), thanks a ton. I do sort of need it.
Maths isn't as much of a strength as you might think it is.
It would, technically, have been on Monday if a little something called 'Gurta Gaddi Diwas' hadn't crept in between. We now have it on Tuesday. =D

Espèra said...

You know, I had a little obsession with Psychology in 10th. I read every book I could find on it. I even researched every university online that would allow me to give the B.A. Psycho online. There weren't any and I lost interest eventually.
We aren't allowed a combination as yours, but even if we were, I doubt I'd have taken it because I pretty much learnt all I could in 10th itself.

Quicksilver said...

And the fact that you're madly in love with Maths ... by the way, what IS your subject combination ??

Mystique said...

hola...u in 11th or 12th?
i love ur combo btw.
ur chem n eng marks suck, btw. lol.
its ok, my chem is pretty much the same.
where u study?

vittorio said...

Your %age is 75.5 now...If you get 100% in phy retest your %age becomes 80 something and if you get 0% youraggregate is still 60%. nice huh ?

I just like maths.

Espèra said...

Mr. Melon: I realize I sounded quite ... dunno, "pompous" in that comment about psychology. Didn't mean to. :S
My subject combination is The Most Unoriginal Combination Allowed. I think you can guess that one.

Myst: He's in 11th. You get bad marks in Chem? What? How come the entire world gets good marks in Physics but me?

Quicksilver said...

Mystique -

11th as already kindly indicated by espera there. thanks, I kinda love my combo, too.
My chem marks leave a lot to be desired, that I grant you, but Eng is pretty good, honestly as some sortof a glass ceiling exists when marks in Eng are concerned. Even if one writes the most beautiful, soulful, lyrical, Nobel-prize worthy answer for a question, which is say, for 10 marks,, the most you can get is 7 or 8. really.

I study in DPSd, New Delhi

vittorio -

Er ...thanks. I already knew that, but still. Thanks.

Espera -

MeLoN ?!? (...) The only melon I've heard of is the particularly bad tasting fruit of the Cucurbitaceae family. Or is that made with reference to my last name ? Cute sabotage. I thought you had decided on 'quickie'... but Alas !

(sorry for the dramatization)

Wat is your combo ?? PCM comp ?

Espèra said...

Ha ha.
It is a sabotage on your last name, but "cute"? I can't say. You see, "Quickie" might be construed as having a sexual connotation.
Don't believe me?

About the subjects? You gottem.

Quicksilver said...

but when you call someone quickie, its OK, right.

Hows about "qwiki", what?

Espèra said...

Naw, man.
You can choose between:
Mr. Melon (the "cute sabotage") and
Mr. Lemon (anagram of the "cute sabotage")


Quicksilver said...

Fact is, I don't like either. Can we settle on something less unusual like 'citrus man' (what am I doing, this is crazy) or 'Mr Vit-C' ??

Oh, the hell with it, call me quicksilver, k ? Or 'nix' ? That's good too.

Manmeet Singh said...

hey nice blog...
i kind of like ur originality and thanks for putting up a comment on my blog,i would surely love it if you come and check out my not-so-organised blog once in a while and leave a lil' comment.

thats manmeet here.
what about you??

Quicksilver said...

Thnx, you're blogs rather good too really. I'm quicksilver btw.

Espèra said...

"Quicksilver" is long. "Melon", on the other hand, consists of only 5 letters. Simple maths.

You do have the choice of putting the 'l' before the 'm' BTW.
Nix? That sounds well, like I'm addressing shaving-disasters on your face.

Vit-C? You really want to be called a bio-chemical molecule?

Quicksilver said...

i'd prefer that to melon anyday.

jAcK Joe jEtt said...

At least you were better than me yaar.....

Quicksilver said...

Don't despair, you have the chem paper left !

inveter8blogger said...

The objective isn't to call you something you would LIKE to be called.

Quicksilver said...

Is it ? Thank you ever so much for enlightening me.

Espèra said...

C'est moi. Espèra. Not "inveter8blogger".