In my last post, G was not made in reference to my Grandmother, as some people have tried to guess. Nor does it stand for Guru. It's a name, actually. And a very good one too.


Espèra said...

Hm. Gadha then?

Quicksilver said...

Cheeky, cheeky.
Less of it, please.

So how many people you know named gadha? Some behave like that, but having it as a name?

Quicksilver said...

its a really nice sounding name actually. has a sortof ring to it.

Espèra said...

The real name or Gadha?

I know someone called "Padhi". And a guy called Aishwarya.
Even Tully ("Talli". See?)

Re your profile: I can lick my elbow. That makes me awesomer, yesh?

Quicksilver said...

o_O .. Padhi ? a guy named Aishwarya ? O man, they must hate their parents everytime they hear their names being called out.

I lick other people's elbows. That makes me very odd, yes ?

Now i really don't do that, that just made for a good comment.
I think i have just once licked my dog's elbow, but only because there was a bit of chocolate on it.

Asneel said...

just saw the pic - makes you look chubby! probably due to the movt, but a real funny foto.
G forrrrrrrr, uh .... girlfriend?

Anirudh Garg said...


Espèra said...

Ah HA!
It's ... *drumrolls* ... GHATOTKACH!

Now, that really does have a nice ring to it. Sort of like someone just stepped on you. :/

Asneel said...




pawan said...

Hi! dude read your post titled patriots . its was awesome !
Hats off!

Anirudh Garg said...



Quicksilver said...

All -

You guys are all wrong, I'm sorry to tell you that. But the more colourful names like Ganderbai, Gumshuda, Garud-dwar and Ghatotkatch gave me a few laughs. Its true, Ghatotkatch does have this 'squash-sounding' quality to it.
No, G does not stand for gf either, Assneel.

Pawan -

Thanks dude! It feels nice to be appreciated.

Anirudh Garg said...

how about ga**u

no offence buddy

Shitij Nigam said...


That sounds normal enough I suppose.

ps. Commenting Spree.

Shitij Nigam said...

or maybe Gera, for Ritu Gera.
:P :P :P