Quid agis

15 million people are on the net.

300 million are watching TV.

22 million are brushing their hair.

4 million people are kissing or being kissed.

15 million people are drinking coke.

3.2 billion people are sleeping.

6 million are being taught in a classroom.

1.4 million people are sending a text message.

5 people are in space.

350,000 are playing football.

38 million are driving or riding in a car.

120 million people are using the bathroom.

380 million are daydreaming.

And what were you doing before you turned to the computer ?

PS - I was eating a samosa.


Quicksilver said...

'What does the title mean ?'

Gud to know.

Anirudh Garg said...

srsly really nice post

i was eating McVeggie with cheese...is it universal that before coming online everyone eats ?? :|

I am said...

damn ..i suk..i was among the 300 million watching T.V. too much t.v for me....a part of me wishes that my mom cuts the cable, but then the part get very violent!
let peace prevail.
P.S. :awesome post!
lot of counting to do..HA-HA!

Anirudh Garg said...

i really need to ask this dumb question...

where did you get these figures? :|

Quicksilver said...

O yeah, source courtesy Pick me up

Manmeet Singh said...

I was seeing the India-England ODI and having a banana.

So, I was in 2 of your mentioned categories. :D

Anirudh Garg said...

Pick me up??
please care to elaborate..
and ya ur not picking up ur fone..so...how was ur bee?

Quicksilver said...


Asneel said...

I was flirting wid becky

Rebecca said...

I on the other hand was pretending to read.

velucia said...

i just woke up.

PS grrreat post!

Espèra said...

I was brushing my teeth.

Anuj said...

I dreamt that I had been cured.