New Year folks.....

It's your job to make it Happy :D


Manmeet Singh said...

May you have a prosperous and successful year ahead.

Anirudh Garg said...


hehe...well said

aditi.c. said...

ah! such deep thought!! neway happy new year!!

Espèra said...

Methinks it can't be that happy once you realize that every passing year is a year less to go till you die ...

Have an awesome year. Break your resolutions. They are crappy. But try to be good nevertheless. And keep your blogging going.

Asneel said...

happy new year @ 10 34 AM ??

Well appy new year to yoose

Anirudh Garg said...

actually good point @asneel

happy new year so soon?

Pulzkit said...

And i quote Albus Dumbledore : "Death is nothing but the next great adventure"
Hear that, Espera?

Espèra said...

Pulzkit: And I quote SRK - "Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die."

I don't really mind death. Not as much as I mind old age. Bleaargh.

pawan said...

espera me too think like you!
i dont find a logic in enjoying a day when you find yourself a year nearer to your death

Anirudh Garg said...


that actually means that each day is a sad depressing day for you bcoz it brings u closer to ur death by 1 year as compared to da same day last year
aint it so?

aditi.c. said...

folks! why are u talkin about death?? who cares!! live in the moment and dont bother wether you'll die today or 50 years later.. enjoy n have fun! peace..

Pulzkit said...

me thinks pawan is just trying to impress espera. :D

Quicksilver said...

Manmeet -

Thanks man, really.

Anirudh -

Thanks and ___ new year to you.

Aditi.c. -

I'm glad you started writing again! And of course, happy new year.

Espera -

you're 16 dude (or 17 or whatever)
isn't it a bit early to think about death?

Life ain't short, its the longest thing I've ever experienced.
But a happy new year to you. Use it well.

asneel -

There's something wrong with the time, i wrote it at 12:05.
Know how to fix it?

Pulkit -

Is it?
then do you feel like embarking on that great adventure? :P

Pawan -

Do you really feel that way?
Or is Pulkit on to something?? :D

Espèra said...

Pawan: Au contraire my friend. It was just a hopeless attempt at making Melon see that there can't be anything to be happy about if you view new years from this angle.
Didn't I say I don't mind death?
What part did you not understand anyway?

Aditi.C: Er, we aren't talking about death. Not exactly. We are theorizing about ... er, the impact the knowledge that every second passed is a second less to live ... er, has on our ... er, general behaviour?
Yeah, something like that.

Pulzkit: Um. Maybe. So he failed in doing that.

Melon: aaaaaaaargh. No more explanations. Read above replies and form one.

aditi.c. said...
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aditi.c. said...

@ espera
er, ok! :)

Shesha Chaturvedi said...

smart quote!!
New year to you too!! :) have a great year ahead!