Bucket list

Since this is my 25th post, I felt it should be something a little special.

I never actually got to see the movie of the same name but its article on wikipedia piqued my interest on the subject of having life goals or a list of stuff to do before someone 'kicks the bucket'.
So sometime in September, I started on my own list which I plan to stick to throughout my life. I reproduce it here in all its original glory save for a few omissions that make me sound exceedingly weird or maybe pretentious.

Probably it sounds corny, but I'll risk it and say it - this is all thanks to my mom and dad who let my dreams soar, never keeping me in check. Thanks.

Well, here it is, in no particular order of importance :

1) Skydive once. [When I was littler, I wanted to a stuntman. So there]

2) Become ambidextrous. [Practice does make perfect. inspired by my bro's attempts to try and be the same, being part lefty would be just so cool.]

3) Have a PhD. [...]

4) Live to atleast 80. [I'd like to see the future, know how it's like to be behind the times]

5) Write fiction and get it published, at least once. [Always wanted to be an author]

6) Blog till I die. [Really, even if I get no hits at all]

7) Have a large padded room to do crazy stuff in, before 30. [like parkour, flips and whatnot. First evidence of insanity, there's more to come.]

8) Visit Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Montenegro, Las Vegas among other places. [when I was small, I wanted to be like dad (don't we all). On the last count the no. of countries he's visited was tallied at 22. If I could do that, it'd be awesome]

9) Join Mensa or some other high IQ society. [it's an obsession. When I checked last, my IQ stood at 134. Not good enough, unfortunately]

10) Get over my dismal, abominable and unexplainable fear of pitch darkness. [Its true. When there's no light source in view and I'm not in bed, I just shrivel up right where I'm standing]

11) Dance on the road. Once. [the second evidence of insanity]

12) Relearn to play the violin. [I probably knew the basics when I was taught when i was in 7th or 8th, but now I've forgotten. Seeing my dusty, cobwebby violin every time I open the cupboard under the bed strengthens my resolve to pursue this. Saved for old age.]

13) Have a one on one fight. [Only if the situation calls for it. I'm mad.]

14) Save someone's life directly and knowingly. [I smile everytime i read this]

15) Run an entire marathon. Experience a runner's high [I've always liked running, but only in short bursts. A test for my endurance]

16) Drive an Aston Martin or a convertible on a cobblestoned path. [inspired by Bond. The third piece of evidence]

17) Swim in a large warm lake, clean and clear without fish in it. (admittedly inspired by an insurance company's advertisement)

18) Win an award pertaining to my field. [whatever career i choose]

19) Perform in front of a gathering of 5 or more people. [anything, sing dance. Just to end my awkwardness in front of groups]

20) Sleep for an indefinite period of time in a ambient temperature environment on clean, fresh bedding, with absolutely no one to disturb me. [I expect that would happen only if I'm hospitalized or something, and advised complete rest]

21) Have my photo in the paper atleast 3 times. [so that its not a one-off chance. childhood obsession]

22) Fly a kite on my own. [awestruck by my cousin brothers' skills, I could never hold one in the air whenever they would hand me the line.]

23) Win 40,000 in bets/shares. [no comment, either from my side or yours]

24) In a game of soccer, save 3 or more goals and have my team win [I just love being a goalie]

25) Get Zulu cloned. [That. would. be. awesome.]

26) Do something for my parents. Make them proud. [originally 'buy SUV for dad and diamond jewellery for mom']

27) Create a professional painting [well I do like playing with colours]

28) Own three or more pairs of Italian suits. [I don't know why actually]

29) Have my own page in wikipedia. [hoping..]

30) If I ever be a dad, be a good one. [much like my own]

I vow.
13/9/08, 1:43 pm
Aakash Institute

It is imperfect, it is incomplete, it will see some changes as I grow up.

But it gives my life a purpose.


Asneel said...

Man, you are just too awesome! *bowing down to you*

Very, very inspirational, did I say awesome??

PS: How about adding the omitted stuff. we won't think you're any weirder than we do now.

I am said...

o..man making my list too...but it could have never been so profound..
all the best man!
you'll get them all!

Espèra said...

Naiiice! I'll refrain from saying much about my own Bucket List, but you know what, quite a lot of yours coincide with mine.
So I don't think you're worse than I am.
(Aston Martin? I'd prefer a Harley Davidson. Or ... I dunno ... a convertible's okay though.)

And I have done at least 2 items from your list, partially, if not entirely or perfectly.

Quicksilver said...

Asneel -

Thanks, but the omitted stuff were done so for a reason. Do understand.

I Am -

Thank you! How's about putting up your own list when its ready?

Espera -

Wow, so have one too? What coincides? No.5? No.15,16?

You've done some of these stuff. I envy you really...which ones? No.19, obviously...uh, No.11 as well??

Espèra said...

Now that you mention it, I think I've done at least 6 (yeah, I have performed before an audience of greater than 5) of these ... partially if not entirely.

Uh ohkay, I went through my Bucket List. It seriously needs updatement (?). Anyway, lemme tell you this - my version of your #14 is: save the world.
And you think you are weird ...

Espèra said...

And I'm kinda ambi-dextrous.

Quicksilver said...

C'mon why don't you post your list?

Equally adept at using both of your forelimbs, as for writing and suchlike..you sure?

Pulzkit said...

skydiving is overrated.
did it an year ago, and found scuba diving better.
now i am just bragging. :D

Espèra said...

Equally adept at most things except for playing the guitar ... and writing (I lack speed in my off-hand. Though the formation of letters is pretty clear.). Lack some strength in the off hand. I won't be able to beat you in a fist fight, that is.
But ... um, yeah. More or less.

Quicksilver said...

Pulkit -

Probably my expectations from skydiving would succeed in making it a worthwhile experience. Not probably, it will (if I think about it).
Where did you do it? and when? I thought only people aged above 18 could. Fancy that.

Espera -

well, then would you be able to beat me in a fist-fight with your main hand? :D

Pulzkit said...

in new zealand. my elder brother lives there. you dont have to be 18, you have a guy strapped to your back in case things go awry. I expected it be closer to flying, but it was just.....well, falling.
Although, the scuba diving was illegal for me. we just rented a boat and suits, took the boat out to somewhere in Lake Taupo and dove in. were inside barely 5 minutes, but it was awesome to see a starfish :D

Espèra said...

Can't say much about that.

Pulzkit: Tried snorkelling then? I don't particularly fancy the scuba diving wetsuits.

Pulzkit said...

come to think of it, what we did was closer to snorkelling. i dont even know which suits we were wearing.
but they werent as tight as you might think, and we wore padding inside so that everything looked *ahem* uniform.

now instead of commenting on this blog, comment on mine. this way, it will look more popular than it is. please, i am desperate. :D

and quicksilver, what is your real name?
and you are in DPS dwarka?

Quicksilver said...

Pulkit -

My name doesn't matter much actually...but yes, I am from dpsd

Espera -

I just read your bucket list..why didn't you tell me that you had posted it? And you're right, a few stuff do coincide.

Pulzkit said...

what is this? playing mysterious or something?

Quicksilver said...

well, it is somewhat, now that you mention it. :D

Espèra said...

It's an old bucket list. It has changed. And there are bits and pieces floating around throughout my blog. You know, whatever I wish for at whatever times.