Here are some of my most favourite xkcd comic strips, part of the series named Journal. For those who don't know about xkcd, read the article on wikipedia.



Thanks bro ;)


Anuj said...

Et tu brute?

You like the hat guy?


That really does make sense at some level or the other.

On the other hand xkcdiction is spreading fast like a viral epidemic. I am still scratching my head over the fact that now, suddenly, everybody is reading xkcd. I think that I may have been one of the first ones to contract it, and like all typhoid marys I passed it along.

This just makes the networking effect of the internet hit home. I mean, viral marketing is even better than conventional advertising; best of all it's free!

Quicksilver said...

I'm 'fraid so, Julius. Without that regular dose of xkcd, I'm reduced to a feeble being, sapped of all my powers of sarcasm.

The thing about viral marketing is that the object in question must be that good, so that people find it fit to be shared. Conventional advertising usually helps make that sort of an image.

Why does me liking the hat guy make sense? I mean really, tell me.

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