Coming soon to your PC

I've made a short film. Written and directed it. Even when its part crap, i can't help but feel proud of it. It's my film. Hold on..

There you go.. It's so beautiful, innit? I'd have uploaded the film too, but blogger's limit for video size is 100 MB while Zhaar's (I know the title is kinda weird but revealing the meaning would give a away the premise of the movie. A hint - it's Kashmiri) size is a hefty 550 MB. I think I'll just break it and put it on youtube. Watch for it in the next couple of weeks.


pawan said...

Release date??Premiere date?? will u call us?
And what does the censor certificate says U/A ,U ,A or its pending?
If its all correct then keep it up.
I'll look upon to its release!!

Anuj said...


Insanely Great!

I mean, congrats dude. I have a query for you do you want to make a movie with me? I am going to do something insanely great next year, and I need people with talent. Artists. People like you.

Manmeet Singh said...

I'm excited to watch it sooner or later.

I hope you do a good job as a director.. :D

anyways,when's the official release date (on youtube).

And yeah please inform me or post it whenever you do it coz I'm really looking forward to your documentary sort of movie(i guess).

Anyways, I must appreciate that you're doing a great work by single-handedly trying to make a movie.

I hope it turns out good..
My wishes are with you :D

Asneel said...

"even when its part crap" LOL

Zhaar? wtf?


how do you break up the movie then ?
I mean when you wanna put it on youtube?

Quicksilver said...

Pawan -

Well a teacher gave it a U/A because of its supposedly depressing theme.I'll do a post once its up on yt

Anuj -

Thanks man, but once you've seen the movie you'd feel like killing the guy who was at the bottom of it.

Yes. I would be honoured. Though what'll it be about?

MS -

woah, thanks for the compliments, though its not single post just sounds that way because when i wrote it, I was a bit high on euphoria.

Asneel -

too many questions, my head hurts.

i have no idea how to break it up...can you suggest some way?

Espèra said...

Cool hai.
Don't we get promos then?

And how did you make it?
Like, HOW?

Quicksilver said...

Promos? nah, its not a commercial venture. I like to think of it as an art film. I'll put up some stills if you like.

How? I got a cam, wrote a script, gathered a few people and learnt to use a video editing software. simple, isn't it?

It's not.

Espèra said...

I know.
Been there, done that.

It just sounds like you're really proud of it. And well, it sounds like it'll be awesome.

How long is it?
And was it a real movie camera? Or just a digital one with video ode on?

aditi said...

still waiting..... :)

Manmeet Singh said...

when is it gonna be out??

Quicksilver said...