Life quote of the month

I badly needed a tag which would be consistent and something I write on about often. All my tags till now went like blah(1) bleh(1) blih(1) bluh(1) - I mean there's no point having tags if there's just a single post with it. It's unheard of. I think it might even be illegal.

Hence, I present to you LQOTM. Yes LQOTM. I like making up quotes, cool ones, like the ones they have of Casino Royale, Douglas Adams or Oscar Wilde on wikiquote. It's like a hobby with me - when I'm bored I like to think up one liners and quotes quietly in my head so I can feel witty inside and whatnot.

I'll start the first LQOTM with something simple because i don't want to burden my readers with something too heavy on the philosophical side as the first of my life quotes... and because I can't presently think of anything wittier. And because it has to be true, and hence a directly derived observation from my own life.

The other day I was mad at mom for some reason. I vowed not to eat either lunch or dinner that day ... I learnt a very important lesson -

" Anger cannot withstand hunger "

Thank you thank you, i know I'm awesome. You knew it yourself now, didn't you (the fact that I'm awesome, not the quote. You'd never have got the quote, srsly)


Espèra said...

Here's mine:
"What's unique about being unique if everyone is unique?"

You're no more awesome than me.

Shitij Nigam said...

LOL brilliant one :D

Manmeet Singh said...

Hey I think you are really good at it.

I guess you should take part in RJ Sarthak show which comes every morning on HIT 95 FM,but I'm not sure whether they still have their game called "Six Words Nano-Tales"

Anyways this was a brilliant one.
I'm looking forward to more.

aditi said...

eat them if you cant beat them
er, ya whatever... :)

Manmeet Singh said...

Here's my fav.:
Life Is Great,but *Conditions Apply*!


Your quote is really cool.

Mystique said...

actually nothing has room for hunger.

Anirudh Garg said...


honestly...its ok-ok...espera's is better...


if everone is uniques..being uniques wont be unique..

so to be unique ull have to be simply like everyone was..but if ull be like everyone ull ultimately turn out to be unique..

which means ull be like everyone else...

so if everyone is uniques..being unique IS and IS NOT being unique


Espèra said...

Manmeet: Thank you. *Bows deeply* =P

Anirudh: This was (is) my FB status. I got a reply that went:
"You see everyone is unique but not similarly so - making everyone uniquely unique!"

Although I think I did understand what you were trying to say too.
Till about ... the first 6 words.

Asneel said...


I'm sure you'll have a page on wikiquotes someday.

PS - you left out bloh(1)

Quicksilver said...

Espera -

A very hearty bleh to you too.
I wanted to point out that everyone is unique in their own way, but I see you've taken care of that already.

Shitij -

Aha- a compliment! thanks!

MS -

I've never called any radio station

Aditi -

A nice quote, if you ever start having cannibalistic intentions. :)

Manmeet -

Good! Your own?

Mystique -

Umm. I don't get it. Do you mean that hunger leaves no room for anything else :D ?

Anirudh -

Encouraging. Just like all those other times.
Even that you meant that other thing for Espera - I don't get it, logic man.

Asneel -

I wish. Non-sarcastically.

Of course I left out bloh. Having it as a tag would be preposterous, to say the least.

Manmeet Singh said...

Not exactly my own,though I edited it a bit,to suit my consequences.

And I've tried to go on the radio station but I've never got an oppurtunity to play a contest,I've requested some songs a couple of times.

Pulzkit said...

do you know when the dps dwarka admission forms will be distributed? Coz i might be shifting to dwarka soon.

freemorpheme said...

Originality does not exist.
P.S: Everyone's efforts just went to waste..including mine :P

Btw, thanks for passing by... i am too lazy to update my blog...sporadic is moi :)