Well. Taking hints from Ani and Espera I think I'll write this post in the form of points. Its a nice way to write stuff, especially when you have hordes of unconnected stuff you want to vomit out all at once without dwelling on one topic for too long. Also it helps to score better on answers in Bio.

1> Am a twelthy. Finally. Got the nod from the teacher after giving the Physics retest cos I was absent this time too. The physics teacher asked me why I was absent. 'I was ill' my regular excuse for most things ranging from not having eaten my lunch to sleeping in coaching.'Somehow physics always seems to make you ill.', the reply. You know, she may be on to something.
It's a nice feeling, being in twelfth and all (although..You know). As a friend put it - "We rule the school now". Dunno about that, but it does give you an almost tangible sense of power.

2> Have really taken to the song 'Pyaar ki Dastaan' from the movie Luck By Chance. Not really catchy but the first time I heard it, I thought it was beautiful.

3> Prostalgia. Yes, that's what I'll call this feeling (see last post). That's another word I've coined, now. Brings the tally upto a splendid 2.

4> I've thought a great deal about it. I've almost decided what I'm going to say when it happens. I've even picked out the right haircut for the occasion.
I'm talking about giving a shot at the school council positions this year. School Publications and Chenab house. Never having done it before, the interview used to freak me out. But now it's (gulp) all cool.

5> I think I'll start a new gadget for this blog. Polls.

6> Something needs to be done about the school's alumni society. I heard that it's almost defunct (notice how that rhymes with de-funked? Pardon me for that). It has to be revamped, reinvented. I don't want to be that sad little man who's searching the internet and social network sites for all his school friends he's lost contact with. I think registration should be made compulsory, open and more student friendly. What say, anybody with me?

7> Checked my BMI after I read one of Espera's posts. Decent really - 20.2.

8> My hair is, at the moment the best it's ever been. Not too short, neither too long and rather wavy.

9> I've decided to get rid of my all-too-noticeable moustache sometime soon. It takes the attention away from my nose (which is, I think, rather purdy) and people stare me as if there's a dead caterpillar on my upper lip.

10> Discovered all episodes of Jeeves and Wooster on youtube, which in turn led me to find the A bit of Fry and Laurie series as well. See them if they suit you. Search "Lauriefan 109" on youtube.

11> AV has strted blogging! Check out

Well I'll be back next time with the LQOTM.


Pulzkit said...

Dont build up the moment. when you pass out, i mean. The more you plan it out, the more it will suck.

Manmeet Singh said...

I guess you and your friend are getting over-ambitious about being in 12th,but I guess thats natural.
Anyways, being in 12th gives a kind of bittersweet happiness.

and yeah,this list system is great because it suits both in exams and out here in blogging.

and i guess you must see Luck by chance, its like a 'good' movie, with some connotations.

VibrantSoul said...

4> School Publications huh :) Well, you've got competition :P The interview for school publications was virtually non-existent last year. The only question the teacher asked me was "Can you manage writing reports and collecting articles?" and that was it. The answer was YES. It was a breeeeze!!

5> Should be good.

6> I agree. Facebook seems to be the only way to stay in touch. It would be great to have alumni meets.

11> Thank you :) Obviously you've read it. What do you think about the blog??

I am said...

1. "we rule the school now"..ahaan!, i wish not to..!
:| publication, awesome, dps dwarka school publication, ok!
no. i'm not whining!

3. alumni meets- great! i so wish this happens. again, i WISH!

oh.god am i whining too much?!!

Espèra said...

1. *twelfthy

2. I saw Luck By Chance. It was pretty good. But I don't remember this song. Which part of the movie is it in?

3. What's the other word you've coined?

4. Best of luck, man! I'm pretty sure I'm not getting a post anywhere. You need to be "known" in this big a school.

7. Cool. That's pretty good. I just checked mine. Not good. Nuh-uh.

9. I don't remember your moustache being all that visible. =|

Anirudh Garg said...

2) Listen to dhadke jiya of aloo chat...well ya aloo chat...
srsly da song is pretty good

3) Prostalgia...umm i googled the term and found nothing...but i did find "did you mean Proctalgia"...which i hope u definitely didnt mean :|

4) wow...thats impressive...u finally gathered the guts....or did u?.....

6)check out da alumni registration on feel like killing urself :|

8) i dont know...
i found it weird....

9) weirdo :|

Mystique said...

12th is STRESS.

Quicksilver said...

Pulzkit -
As much as one doesn't want to, it's very hard to overlook it.

MS -
Not overambitious, matey. You'll feel the same way in a year, I'll bet.

Vibrant soul -
4> Obviously. I expect you to be the President, after all you do deserve it. I'll be content being a council member under your esteemed leadership.

5> Yeah, I think I'll start it next month.

6> Now, in our final year, we must do something about it, seriously.

11> Let's just say, after I read your post with its elegant and simplistic style, i didn't have any witty comment to go with it.

Iam -
I'm 'fraid so. :D

That's what I'm saying! Rather than being mopey about it, I think we must resurrect the alumni assoc. It will work, I tell you!

Espera -
1> I know. That's why I put it in italics - 'cos that's how everybody says it. The 'f' sound tends to stick to the tongue.

2>I haven't seen it, but going by the video, the song has Farhan Akhtar and Isha Sharvani and it's set in a sort of hilly meadow.

3> Kitesperanto. Explained in the comments.

4> Have you ever tried?

9> You hardly saw my face. I was playing my shy card, you see.

Ani -
2> I downloaded it, and I must say it exceeded my expectations.

3> That's what I'm saying, you moron. I coined the word. Google 'coined' for clarity.

4> I did. You're gonna try for Sci and Maths, right?

6> Someone has to do something about it...someone with a rapport with the Com science HOD (hint)

8> When did you even see me?

9>How does that make me wierd ? o_O

Mystique -
Amen to that. Luckily you've escaped with your life.
But isn't post 12th even more stress?

Espèra said...

Haha. Nice.
I've coined some too during my time, but I don't remember them now. What's Prostalgia expanded?

And, I did see your face. I didn't gaze at it lovingly or anything, but I did see it for a second.

VibrantSoul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VibrantSoul said...

4> Esteemed Leadership. Lol. FYI, there are 2 posts for the President of School Publications. Vaise, the council doesn't do much at all, apart from wearing a badge, walking into events that are happening in school and bunking classes on the pretext of writing reports. Trust me. I was secretary last year.

11> Thank you :)

Anirudh Garg said...


2) yup...i know...

3) i didnt read it dhang se :|

4) maths and i told u

6) :|

9) u were toking super weird :|

Quicksilver said...

Espera -

pro·stal·gi·a (prŏstaldʒə)


A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the present coupled with a fear of loss.

I didn't gaze at it lovingly or anything.. Yes well, i would have noticed if you had.
I have an eye for such things.

Vibrantsoul -

4> 2 prez's? Then it'll be you and some girl. Some bright girl *winces*

Ani -

6> Seriously.

9> :O
You're right.


I'm sorry then.

Anirudh Garg said...

well its ok...frandship me no sorry no thank you

:P :P

Quicksilver said...

Like OGEE and VERIFIABLE CONSTANT !! Best fraands Forevah :D :D

(in joke- me,ani and kapache)

Anirudh Garg said...