The theme has been in my mind for a few days now, but I got the quote in a flash of insight while coming back from school by auto with friend (or rather friends) Chinmay.
Here it is, completely unrevised, primarily because I didn't get anything better than the original.

"The greatest mental agony a person can be subject to is having a secret
gnawing at his heart which he can't tell a soul"

Preferrably dark and involving clandestine liaisons. Justs so it hurts more.


VibrantSoul said...

"The greatest METAL agony..."?! :P
Yeah true, some secrets make life hell, especially when you can't vomit it all out to someone. Though some secrets are fun to keep too!

Espèra said...

I've been keeping one now for close to 2 days. haven't talked about it to a soul except for the preson who told me about it.
Oddly enough, I don't even feel the urge to tell people about it. It'd be a scandal if I did, though. Haha. I'm evil.

Pulzkit said...

this *may* be true if:
a. You have a controlling, obsessive-compulsive nature.
b. That secret may affect someone you love adversely in the future.

Reign of Uncertainty.

Quicksilver said...

VibrantSoul -
Yeah. It's like metal stress but even worse.
well, i've changed it now. :P

Espèra -
2 days? That's like nothing compared to some people's ordeals. If the secret is great and the time is long enough, it will begin to take its toll.

Pulzkit -
a is true. But a secret erodes a person to such a level. b isn't. There could be loads of other reasons.

" Reign of Uncertainty."

You don't have to do that you know. It's annoying. People can click your profile to get to your blog, see. :P

I am said...

perhaps what's worse is a secret that you are unable to reveal to self.
when you try, relentlessly, to mask the core truth about self from self.
that's painful. you don't even feel it, because of your deep desire that compels you not to.
avoidance is cheap. but it's superficially easy.
the company of of self, in my view is most potent. it's adequate.

aditi said...

so true! but you would rather bear the mental agony than see the person who trusted you with the secret look down on you! haina?

Pulzkit said...

i know that. but people find it difficult to take the hint.
For clarity's sake, if nothing else.

Manmeet Singh said...

hey hi.
I just saw your theme today.
Earlier when I came to read this post of yours I didn't see this new theme and I was like "what is he writing about?"

By the way,the theme's good,kinda dark which gives it a secretive look but nonetheless its suiting your dark and out-of-world quotes. :P

Manmeet Singh said...

+ Its been long since you've made some comments on my blog.
What say??

Quicksilver said...

Iam -
Just what I thought. It's as if part of you wants to hide it and the othetr part wants to declare it at the same time. Avoidance is cheap though sometimes it's the only way.

Aditi -
Exactly. And that's when the test starts.

Pulzkit -
Well OK. But if you want more visitors then make it a link. No one's gonna copy it and then paste it on their address bar. Takes too much time.

Darn this new generation.

MS -
How is the new theme?

Thanks :D
Well I'll comment now. With my infrequent blogging and reduced comp time I did miss out on that.