The reason I started polls on this blog is not merely because it becomes an interesting deviation for some readers, but also because I can learn about the people in general, based on the kind of choices they make.
For a long time now, I've been having this nagging suspicion in the back of my mind that people aren't always what I've previously judged them to be. Probably my entire perspective on human thought and behaviour lies on a flawed foundation. What I infer from observing them, hearing them talk, seeing them talking to others, their facial features, their body language, their expressions right after they complete a task...probably it's all just hot air. Just weird theories with no real proof, I fear.

Well now that the first poll is closed, the interpretation begins. None of the options really appealed to me, to tell the truth. Half the respondents chose the first, which was 'More attractive..' I think it's because (I think - that's the keyword here. I can't be sure) this is a rather skewed audience I have, being bloggers and all. Probably they feel mindly matters are their strong points and somewhere deep down are dissatisfied with their outward appearance.
'Neither' - No one chose that. It's not an option nobody would ever choose. Someone with an overbearing and domineering character would; and again, being bloggers, blogging something still quite new to society, it's is something that comparatively more docile and mild-mannered people would take to.
Again I'd like to stress on the fact that these are just assumptions, without anything to support them except for some quite convoluted theories, if I say so myself.

I'll get the lqotm over earlier in the month so I don't have to worry about it later.
Here it is -

"It's easy to tell your deepest secrets to someone you hardly know
because you know that they wouldn't care to use it against you and can't change any impression they already have of you."

Like this young man who sat opposite to me in one 764 route low-floor bus with that annoying seat arrangement which forces people to face each other. 'I don't love her.' The strapping Sikh man spoke suddenly pointing to his wife sleeping soundly on the seat next to his. 'I love someone at work. Next week I'm going to leave her, this forced marriage, my family and everything behind and run away.'. I didn't know what to say or even if I was expected to say something. 'Baby, stop aagaya' he said getting up and a quick smile and Sastriyakaal later, he got off as if nothing had even happened.

PS - Thanks Ankur, but it didn't work. I couldn't find the code you mentioned, maybe I'm the most computer illiterate guy working a blog and we can't fix that right away. But I appreciate your help nevertheless.

PPS - You've got it wrong AV, there aren't two posts for prez of school publications. There isn't even one according to some new arrangement, something that shattered my spirits earlier in the day. Write apost to cheer me up.


Anirudh Garg said...

no school publications????
whats the new system???

and the story was actually amazing :D

and i meant what i voted....dun knw abt others...

Anirudh Garg said...

and da lqotm is pretty true i must say
we definitely cna share more wid strangers as dey hv no opinion abt us...dat is SO true....

Manmeet Singh said...

yeah your LQOTM is actually very right. I've did the same things many a times.
By the way,I didn't get the meaning outta your story.was it based on ur lqotm??

Espèra said...

Bleh. Interpret the other options too, won't you?

VibrantSoul said...

Your LQOTM is so very true. (Couldn't think of anything better to say :P )

Whaaaaat?? No School Publications?? This is a bomb you're dropping on me. I was in a hurry on Friday, couldn't check all the posts listed in the notice. The information I gave you was according to last year's pattern.

And I don't understand the thing about there being a 'Head Boy' and a 'President-Boys', both are supposed to have the same powers(if any :P) and privileges(as if :P). What is the new principal thinking??

Anirudh Garg said...


I know there is a president
but there is a "president-boy" and a "president-girl" ???? :|

VibrantSoul said...

Haha.. Write a post to cheer you up?? I need cheering up too! I just realized I have tough competition... AND the fact that there is not going to be an Editorial council this year bothers me. Do we then get to see the same old school magazine again? And have you seen the number of posts that are open for application? Barely any... All councils have disappeared. What's up with the school?

aditi said...

that is true.. but why were u judging people? hobby of yours? :)
but i'll tell u from experiences-u never really cant judge a person from a particular angle..there are various things involved..
anyway nice lqotm though..quite true

Anonymous said...

People are complex beings and you can not untangle them in a single sitting or, in fact, in a life time. Why, you ask?

The thing that most people do not understand is that the building blocks of a personality are simple, and easy to understand, but the interactions between these abstract drives is the good stuff. You can never know how their minds will react to a situation they haven't been conditioned to. You may come close but you will never acheive that 100% even with a lifetime of companionship.

I am not telling you to pack your bags and go home, but I am telling you that you are searching for an abstract ideal which can not be replicated in the real work. 2D sketches sure as hell aren't 3D. However, if you stick to it. You will eventually get better and better, and it will enable you to make those choices in life when you have to trust others. Stay at it, but don't expect to hit home runs everytime.

Oh and what were the choices in the poll? Email them to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh and LQOTM is absolutely true. Trust me, I know what I am talking about.