New poll

Question - Would you rather that your soulmate/life partner was...

By the way, I'm sorry I can't do anything about the fact that you need to highlight the poll to get the options. If anyone knows how to correct it, comment with your suggestion please.


Ankur Banerjee said...

Add this to the style/css section at the top of your blog:

color: #ffffff;

This *should* solve the problem. Tell me if it doesn't.

Quicksilver said...

Computers really isn't my area of expertise. Could you be a teensy bit clearer? where should I paste that - in the 'edit HTML' section or in the 'fonts and colours - change hex code' ?


PS - there's a post below this one too.

Ankur Banerjee said...

Open 'Edit HTML'. There's a section at the top which starts off like this:

"< style id ='page-skin-1' type = 'text/css' >**************************
Name: Widgetlike
Blogger by:
Distributed by:
Date: Nov 08

Scroll down to where this section ends with a "< / style >". Paste the content I gave earlier right before this closing tag.