That's what the name of this new template is. How do you like it? Or rather why do you not like it? I'll put up this question for my first poll to have the opinions in the form of statistics, but be assured all the subsequent polls won't be as mundane as this first one.

I had no idea changing templates was such a difficult task, it's amazing how MS and Pulzkit manage to do it so often. It's like I change my profile image everytime I write a post and they change their templates everytime they do. It took me over 3 hours to get everything done and sorted. But with that I'm halfway through my New Year resolutions (TOEFL and template both down) now.

Well that's it now. I'll think you'll like this song I have here. It's a great song and a very well made video. Coldplay's Life in Technicolor from their latest album Viva La Vida.

Cool wasn't it? (Irrespective of whether you did see it or not, the answer must be in the affirmative)


Manmeet Singh said...

Wow!! Thanks for my mention and making me look all-so tech-savvy to all your readers. :p

I seriously think this theme is nice but you need to improve some technicalities.
Like: the text in ur poll is not visible.(without highlighting it.) :D

Manmeet Singh said...

hey and yeah,i finally remembered it.
I wanted to ask you for a long time that what happened to that movie(err..i don't remember the name)of yours which you were gonna upload on youtube or something.

Was that a hoax??

Anirudh Garg said...

wat were da other 2 resolutions??? i dun remember....

and ya...i like da blog...i dun find it "OK-OK" as u thot i wud :|
and cheange da text colour of da choices in da poll

and ya...i didnt knw it was such a headache to change da template and all...3 hrs??? how did u do it anyway?? da template is by blogger.com itself or some forein site???
its a good one vaise

Pulzkit said...

I like the glossy thing you got going.
I change my templates, mostly because i am too wela. (god, i love that word)

aditi said...

it was eye watering at first!
obviously not used to it!
but later it was kinda cool..
keep up the work on d blog!

Quicksilver said...

MS -
No probs dude, btw how do you manage to change it so often? What about the widgets and the page elements. Don't you have to redo them.
No not a hoax! I don't know how to put it up, really. i have the CD with the movie in it but I don't know how to distribute it.
Zhaar. Remember that now.

Ani -
Here you go

All templates which are not the default blogger templates take considerably more time and effort. You actually have to redo the page elements again.

was the site.

Pulzkit -
Thanks. But yours lacks something, the previous ones were better. This one feels too crammed.

Aditi -
Eye watering? Sorry about that :D
But I'm glad you like it.

Poison said...

I saw the vid, but not here. And yes, its awesome.
And its cute!

Quicksilver said...

Like most of Coldplay song vids - something special.
You listen to Coldplay?