I should really write a post, now.

Well since i'm here, congrats to ani, ravi and aditi on their flowery appointee titles and all that.

that's that, i think.


Manmeet Singh said...

hey dude.I must say you've got a great taste of music.
by the way, what does the title suggest??

I am said...

Thank you!

aditi said...

can u specify who aditi?

Anirudh Garg said...

Thanks a lot buddy :)


The "I am" one..

Ravi Punj said...

Thanks mate.

By the way, what's with the title? Random?

Quicksilver said...

Mammeet -
Hi man, didn't expect to get any comments on this "post", but thanks. The song was recommended by a good friend of mine, down the whole album, he says.
The title doesn't mean anything, just typed randomly like when you name small .txt files, you know?

I am -
You're very welcome!

Aditi -
The 'I am' one. But congrats to you too, if you'd like!

Ani -
I thought about it - no treat needed fo me, but you need to do something instead- revive the alumni society. I'll help too if you want.

Ravi -
No probs, Mr President.

You see its a highly specialized acronym for 'another good title abandoned'