I think therefore it is

Futile measures

If I close my eyes
will this not be?
If I don't complain
will it be good for me?
If I turn away
will the massacre stop?
If I look to console
won't the hatchet still drop?
If I try and conceal
would there have been no loss?
If I argue well
would the war have had a cause?
If I try not to feel
would I be dead?
If I paint a lovely picture
would there be peace instead?

All I could get out of today's psychology class. The entire thing written in record time - 49 seconds flat! So flat that all 49 seem like fifths.

There's a pun there, mind you. Don't trip over it.


Espèra said...

That's a beautiful poem!
I love it.

And about the poll: I guess you know what I voted for.
What about you?

I am said...

If I argue well
would the war have had a cause?


If I close my eyes
will this not be?
If I don't complain
will it be good for me?

i wouldn't like to think so.


Quicksilver said...

Espera -

Thanks, really :)

yeah I'd choose the same thing as well, selfish blighters both of us.

I am -

Perhaps yes, since all truths are at some level fallible and depend on how your mind percieves them.

Thank you, you must see the rest of them in that copy of mine. And when are you going to write? You're posts are extremely infrequent but when there is one, it's good to see how you sqeeze meaning out of the mundane.

And (I'm sorry) but once again, are you completely sure you haven't told anybody? Because i get this weird sort of feeling that somebody knows. Somebody.

$!L\/eR said...

I hope you study during your psychology class ..!:-P....You and Aditi would know what I am talkin about..HaaaaHaaaHooooohooooha

Anirudh Garg said...

amazing job i mst say

btw in ur poll...i ws disappointed to see that there wasnt an option saying "a million times"

aditi said...

thats a good one..and 49 sec? really? good yar!
and whats with the poll? you're analysing people again?

Quicksilver said...

$!L\/eR -
Thanks man. Studying? yeah raaaight!

Ani -
Thanks babe.

Here's another question - is that actually a selfish thing to do?

Aditi -
One of the only ways to pass time in psy class, really.
Analysing people :D why? You don't approve?

abhishek said...

this is really nice......49 seconds what the heck mine take days and weeks.......

Anirudh Garg said...

@qs darling

No. I don't think there is anything selfish about it. Even if it is, I'd rather call it human than call it selfish.
I believe that it is very natural if such thoughts come to you. Every human thinks of it at least once.
I personally have probably thought of it at least a thousands of times till date. :|

And considering the recent happenings, it becomes even more natural.

Don't let the thought of it bothering you bother you. Everyone has been there.