May almost managed to evade me but I got it in the end.

The pending lqotm was the only thing that drew me towards my blog. Now as I've sat down to write there's an unnatural energy coursing through my veins (supplemented well by the song On Fire by Switchfoot playing right now on wmplayer) which directs me to write a proper sized post this very instant. The only hitch is that I've nothing in mind on which to write about.

So this is awkward.

Well my bro's here again from his last semester at BITS and he's got all the media and software that can be squeezed into his ext hardrive. A lot many movies too, of which I've seen a few, the notable ones being The Last king of Scotland, Kung-fu Panda, Pulp fiction, Mithya and The Number 23. I really wanted a few more stuff. If you've got any of these, please tell me -

1> Star Wars battlefront (PC game)
2> Back to the future 3 (movie)
3> Drillbit Taylor (movie)
4> Taxi Driver (1976 film)
5> House MD (TV Series)
6> Flight of the Conchords (TV Series)
7> Adobe Photoshop (software)

...because my brothers not going back now as his last year is an out-of-college internship, so no more LAN downloads.

Well now back to life. I used to think once the hols started, I'd be blogging even more frequently than before like maybe twice a week, but the reverse was true strangely.
Not very strange once I figured out the logic behind the fact - When it's not summer vacation, blogging seems like a respite, a breath of fresh air; but when it is vacation time, in the period of a hot lazy day, writing a post seems like a gigantic task.
Aakash is going good, if anyone wants to know....
Now what? I can't write a poem now. I've got a few poems with me now though they aren't so good and worthy of publishing (all but one, which is very good but too long for now).

Now for the lqotm, for those who can't wait to get it over with (like me) -

"When it starts to infiltrate your dreams and your art, you know it's something serious"

Don't dismiss it as philosophical mumbo-jumbo, think about it. Better still - sleep on it. Maybe it might creep up into your dreams.


Manmeet Singh said...

As a matter of fact,I've got Adobe Photoshop CS2,just in case you need it.

pawan said...

"in the period of a hot lazy day, writing a post seems like a gigantic task. "
u r rite !

Espèra said...

I dunno about infiltrating my Art, but a lot of things infiltrate my dreams. For example, dreaming that one of my best friends is dead.
Does that mean it's gonna happen?

I hope not.

aditi said...

the lqotm is very affects ur capability to think rationally and obvious things go starts affecting ur creativity too..