Another post in bullets. There's a lot of stuff happening which I want to write about, none so important so as to overshadow the rest and deserving of an entire post for itself. So I'll start now.

1> For all those who read my last post, you know that it was about talking to oneself and how it's (unsurprisingly) perceived to be rather weird by them normal folks. Well, have you heard of Wondermark? It's a pretty cool webcomic (nothing phenomenal but good) and today I found something pertaining to that theme in my previous post (for the one's who missed it, get to it. Nao.)

Also, I found a great song also fitting perfectly to that idea - It's Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. The vid's good fun too, inspired by the symmetrical inkblot shapes of the Rorschach inkblot test (a projective technique used to bring out unconscious emotions and desires out into the consciousness. Just saying). Here it is, you'll love it if you're anything like me.

2> Heard of the film 13 Tzameti? It's the French noir film on which Luck is supposed to be based. Loosely, according to the director. I saw a snippet of the original film some weeks ago on CNN-IBN's movie review show hosted by Rajeev Masand - The scene was in black and white, with a group of men standing in a circle in an ill-lit room. Each has a gun in his hands pointed at the temple of the person standing next to him. And then, everyone pulls the trigger simultaneously; and as the shots sound, the screen goes dark. Like Group Russian roulette. *
Now that I've seen that, I have to watch the movie. I've already read the wikipedia article, though it doesn't matter much (though it does a bit because there's a twist in the end).

* I remember having done something like that. Five of my friends and me held hands and the guys at the ends each held a part of a prank clamshell mobile phone which delivers shocks to anyone who opens it. I remember the tension and the consequential shock. It was electric (bad pun, i know).

3> Seen that rediff.com ad? The one with the singing rubber duckie and them anthropomorphized dancing objects. Yeah with that funny curly-haired guy, that's the one. Love that background song. I found out that its an actual song and not just made for the ad (like in the Fiat Linea 'stuck' ad). Anyway the song is a tweaked version of Your love keeps liftin me (higher and higher) by Jackie Wilson. Listen to the full song if you want to. Really energising and positive lyrics, I give it that.

4> Internet deviations have always welcomed bored and wandering surfers with open arms, promising hours of lols. Me included. But bro disapproves. Somehow he seems to think its inappropriate and immature for me to laugh (continuously for 2 minutes approximately) at something like this -

Now c'mon. How can you not find that funny? It's not that I'm dumb or immature or something but its the juxtaposition of images or perfect captions for some pictures which tickles my funny bone, probably you could call me someone who laughs at all kinds of stuff without thinking about what others would think of me.
Above picture sourced from comixed.com

5> I participated in both the MOD quiz and DPS Noida's Dip Pulse (Not a very good name, especially if you say it fast enough). Didn't win either (got frustratingly laughably close to respectable finishes both times) but I really learnt a lot. Expands my mind and supplements my small talk ('My brother just bought a new watch'
'Is it a Rolex?'
'Hell n-'
'You know, the only digital Rolex ever produced is the timekeeper Rolex in the Wimbledon centre court'
'O really? Wow. I didn't know.'
'Now you do'*smirk*
Neither did I a few days ago. Well I saw Anuj at both places and Ankur at the MOD quiz. Ankur was like I'd imagined him - brisk, serious and busy. But I thought he'd possess a more forceful and commanding voice. Btw, I think gyaan.in is a very very useful information portal, if nothing else.

6> Have been reading Paulo Coelho's new one The Winner Stands Alone for almost a month now, reading in short stints of 5 minutes on average whenever I get the time. Philosophical at most times, eye-droopingly boring at others, but it's impressively interspersed with streaks of well-organized brilliant prose.

7> Mid-semester exams are now over, and don't worry i won't give you an inferiority complex by posting my marks this time (just kidding, Ani would infact get something of the opposite). But I've improved in everything (except English. No comment.), thanks to listening in class and of course Halliday Resnick and Walker.

8> Twist in the tale stories have always been my faves. That's something which attributes Roald Dahl's macabre short stories to the exclusive list. That is one reason I think the Perry Bible Fellowship is a phenomenal webcomic. You can never guess how's it going to end with the last panel. A nice, suitable and immensely satisfying twist, I say, is what every novel needs.


Shitij Nigam said...

1. I like the comic.
2. Read 'Veronika Decides to Die' if you haven't already - less philosophy, phenomenal ending.
3. Saw Watchmen? The blot test reminded me of it.
4. Nice one. As always.

Ankur Banerjee said...

What else can I be other than 'brisk, serious, busy' at a registration desk? :) I guess if I hadn't been backstage scoring, we'd have been able to have a chat.

Manmeet Singh said...

you know what that song Crazy is just so awesome.Some months ago,before my "boreds" i was like hooked onto that song. Fab!

freemorpheme said...

Hey! What a fresh look and content you got there on your bog :) Yes i am a fan of Wondermark as well :D suffered a major writer's block still recovering from it... have posted something. hope to be a tad regular. talking about comics look up Bizarro, it's kickass :)

Quicksilver said...

Shitij -

Look up Wondermark on the web then, good stuff.
Isn't VDTD one of those books that everyone's heard of but nobody's actually read? The kind you can't be caught reading because everyone everyone thinks you've read it. :D
Watchmen? that superhero film? haven't seen it. do you recommend?


Ankur -

Where were you on Day 1 (the one with the General quiz)? I didn't see you then. Yeah, I'd have liked to have a chat with you. :D

Manmeet -

Very very good song -minimalistic but overwhelming at the same time. Another good one from Gnarls Barkley is 'Gone Daddy gone'.

Freemorpheme -

Don't worry, they say what succeeds most long writer's blocks is a fantastic breakthrough idea. At least that's what i like to think when I get one :)
yeah I've heard of Bizarro - I am a bit of a fan!

Shitij Nigam said...

Read it mate. You'll love it.
Watchmen? Yes. Strange ending - the kind we all love.

Quicksilver said...

Going by the pace at which i'm reading my current book, i think i'll have that one finished by 2011. Movies, one the other hand are always welcome. Wait till i've downloaded it.