Cliched title but it holds good around this time of year for me.

I've got another Life quote, now -

Procrastination gets the housework done.

Rings true especially during the exam season (my least favourite season, followed closely by winter).
All you velaas (jobless people : read the ones without exams) out there, here are some links you should really explore (non-velaa people shoo). They're music vids of the band Goldspot which has an Indian frontman Siddhartha Khosla. The lyrics aren't really awesome but the music's really catchy and lively. I've been humming the tune for a days now -

Friday in Hindi (hey I told you he was Indian)

If you're velaa enough, you could check out some more great songs like Paper boats, Rewind, Time Bomb, Haath mein le lenge, Muse and It's Getting Old by the same band.

See you sometime later then.

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