Honouring tradition

As my brother put it, mid exam posts are almost always the tradition with student bloggers. Even if I haven't written a post in a month during vacations with all sorts of ideas running through my head, nothing beats the nudging compulsion to write a post during exam time (especially when you're bang in the middle of it) and you really have no inkling whatsoever on what to write.

I'm over with 2 exams and there are still three big ones left to go. All back-to-back; so this is the only time I have to write and check comments. The days now are packed with school, Aakash, studying at home and extra tuition top it all off. Walking to tuition takes up much of time but since I've never minded walking it's alright. Today a funny thing happened on my way over there. Walking on the street on a busy afternoon, I passed a bunch of people standing near a shop. Nothing strange about that, save for the fact that they were staring at me. I wondered why and walked on .
Then. To my slight embarrassment and a 'what is up with me?!' moment later, I realised that I had been talking to myself. Murmuring to myself whatever I was thinking. A soliloquy like one sees in romantic theatrical performances. Hastily in order to put right the situation, I reached my far hand (in the the side opposite to where they were standing) towards my ear and started speaking even more loudly. They must've thought I was talking to someone loudly on a mobile or something in a crowded street. Heheh. Fortunately acting like loud moron is considered normal. I think I almost saw one guy's hand withdrawing from his trouser pocket. Reaching for his phone to dial the nearest hospital, I figure.
So I've put up a poll, this is actually something I've been wondering for quite a lot of time.

Q. Do talk to yourself?

1> Yeah, whenever I'm alone or free.
2> Occassionally, unconsciously
3> Only when I feel like hearing myself say something.
4> The answer is No, I'm not a nutcase.

I'll have the poll open for a few weeks so that I get maximum responses.

Ok then, I'm off for now, back to The Molecular basis of Inheritance, I'm afraid.


An ideal post, according to the Big Book of Everything, should be a melange of ideas, with a lot of bullets, some bits about your life, a few pj's, a nice quote, some poetry, all rounded off with a good song suggestion. Today, I am going to vie for that perfect post.

Well then, I'm at my fag end of my summer holidays and I'm not proud to say I haven't done anything at all. Except maybe for my having taken up squash and my new love for 12th class physics courtesy the three fantastic gents Mr Halliday, Mr Resnick and Mr Walker who wrote one very interesting book Fundamentals of Physics. Other than that I've watched a whole lot of movies; I just watched The Hangover today, no review, I'm not an expert critic :P. But let's just say it was a very engaging movie with a couple of real good laughs. Anyway the weather is great. I've changed my mind about summer being my fave season. It's summer in winters and winters in summers and monsoon for the rest of the year. I've also taken up games on facebook - Mafia Wars and Cube Field both highly addictive and extremely time consuming. Also I watched almost every A Bit of Fry and Laurie sketch there is on youtube. Pure british Comedy. Watch it or you'll be missing something good.

In my free time I've made pj's(poor jokes) and p + ij's (complex pj's; thus represented because It's Really poor and the joke part is pretty much imaginary). Here's some which I made on my way to tuition one day-

Q. The Liver said something funny and everyone but the skin laughed. Why?
A. Because it was an inside joke.

This next one is strictly for Biology people -
Q. Why is Lycopodium a party animal?
A. Because it's a club moss.
HaHa, there we can be funny too.. Oh well, it's not that great. But at least we're funnier than engineers.

Q. Why did the SMS go to the party with a saucepan on his head?
A. because nobody used Caps anymore.

Ok this is the last one. Don't cry. I know,I know these jokes are AWESOME - But that's how life is, all Awesome things come to an end.
Q. Why was the mountaineer annoyed with his maps?
A. Because they were not to scale.

It's the first time I've missed the life quote of the month but since I'm just a day late, I guess I can be forgiven.

Doing nothing takes a lot of time.

That's included in the definition of summer holidays for most people including me. Poetry time now, I think, here is a poem which wasn't written with anyone in mind. I wrote it for a friend who needed something of this kind and then he didn't use it because his nerve failed. Well I couldn't help him with that. Anyway here it is -

In Words

Love has no mercy
Love has no cure
Love has no limit
Love like mine so pure

With each passing day
And with each moment trickling by
My growing love brightens
Yet, each day I resign with a sigh

I feel you presence all the time
I take your name in every breath
I see you image through the day
My love is deep, the ocean's depth

My passion can no longer rest
in my heart alone
The truth I have been putting off
overflows, cannot be postponed

Mere words cannot begin to tell
My heart's burning desire
Love stronger than I ever felt before,
it blazes like a wildfire

For someone who had aided me
when I had lost all sense
It's someone who remained a friend
in times so troubled and tense

My time has come
I'm sure i can't wait any longer
My love lays before you -
Purer , Deeper , Stronger.

Not so good, by own standards I think.

The ideal post nears an end with this fantastic song...It's Shiver by Coldplay.

Ok so, that's pretty much everything folks.